FERRARI SDX Diagnostic Tester

SDX Diagnostic System is a tool able to contain in a single system three diagnostic systems produced by Ferrari S.p.A. (SD1+SD2+SD3) .The system is composed of an interface (VCI) that can be connected to a personal computer withWindows XP or higher operating systems with at least 500 Mb disk space, and 2Gb RAM.The VCI is equipped with an autonomous battery powered by the Vehicle (12VCC) and by the pc's USB port, has a series of keys for selecting the PC functions mainly in SD2 mode.The main PC program is made up of a managing menu that allows application selection of SD1+SD2 (look SD2) or the SD3 application (new look).The system comes with a plastic carrying case, complete with cables necessary for diagnostics and PC connections.

The Kit includes:

1.SDX Diagnostic Tester

2.USB cable for PC connection

3.Ethernet crossover cable

4.Carrying case in ABS


6."Octopus" cable for vehicles without EOBD connection

7.Cable for "octopus" connection Tester

8.N. 2 ISO extension cords

9.Vehicle battery power cable

10.Cigarette lighter power cable

Come with License