VAS 5052A Vehicle diagnosis and service information system


The third generation diagnosis tester has now reached our workshops.
- Triggered by the new diagnosis standard ASAM (Association for ext-decoration: underline;">Standardisation of Automation- andMeasuring Systems).
- Prepared for future diagnosis software and hardware (remote head VAS 5054) thanks to employment of the latest technical options.
- Enhanced by amendments over previous model from customer requests. Workshop compatibility, ease of use and mobility go without saying.
With the vehicle diagnosis and service information system VAS 5052A, the successful care concept for modern vehicle systems is
continued in a consistent manner.
The functions/operating modes "Vehicle self-diagnosis", "OBD", "Guided fault finding", "Guided functions", etc. are comparable with those from VAS 5052.
Interrogation of fault memory in all control units, update programming of control units or resetting service interval display have no differences in use with today's functions.
A scantool mode allows data transfer, as prescribed within the scope of onboard diagnosis (OBD), with the emissions influencing control units of all manufacturers.
Service information such as service tables, current flow diagrams, etc. (ELSA) is displayed on the screen of the equipment and reduces the amount of paper required in the workshop quite considerably. The required information is made available directly at the site of repair and with very up-to-date data.
The necessary interfaces are installed for access to service information on local servers or internet data.
Service information for non-brand dealerships are offered on CD-ROM and via the internet (erWin = Electronic Repair and Workshop Information). This means that VAS 5052A is offered once again with a complete solution (hardware and software) of diagnosis and service information for this range of customers as well.
The multimedia capability of the equipment also allows direct connection to the Service Training concept (multimedia training) from Volkswagen.
The equipment is prepared for use with diagnosis software ODIS (Offboard Diagnosis Strategy). Details about ordering ODIS can be gleaned from the 
ServiceNet or speak to the person responsible for your market from OTLG or your importer.

Technical data

Operating unit:
- Very bright, daylight compatible display, 12.1" (touchscreen)
- Exchangeable interface strip (for USB, network RJ45, etc.)
- Hard-drive easy to replace from exterior
- Fall height 90 cm with fall sensor protection for hard-drive
- Lightweight but tough magnesium pressure cast housing
- Housing protected against water splashes (IP54)
- Wireless communication to vehicle via Bluetooth and remote head VAS 5054
- Extensions possible via PCI express interface
- DVD-ROM relocated in base station
- Most modern processors for mobile units with low current requirement and low heat generation
- Random access memory 2 GB
- Hard-drive 120 GB
Base station:
- Tippable operating unit mounting

Items supplied

- Tester with exchangeable interface strip and preinstalled diagnosis software
- Base station
- Wide range mains unit with country-specific mains lead
- Remote head with USB cable as communications interface to vehicle
- Carrying bag
- Quick reference guide in printed form
- Basic CD with operating instructions in electronic form
- 10 touchscreen pens
- Storage case for diagnosis tester, remote head, CDs etc.