Lamborghini - Original - LDAS - LARAS Diagnostic System


Diablo 1996 - 1999 2WD and 4WD
Diablo 1996 - 1999 Roadster
Diablo 2000 - 2001 6.0
Diablo 2000 Millennium Edition
Diablo GT & GTR Models

The ABS/AirBag interface provides ABS and AirBag resetting on all Murcielago and Diablo models from 1996 to 2009 using the ABS/AB interface and supplied OBD cables and software. (Note the LARAS maintains this functionality for the Gallardos and Late Model Murcielagos)

The LDAS interface unit provide full diagnostic capabilities using the CAN BUS interface to monitor idle speed, full sensor reading and engine balance. Gives you real time engine data and sensor monitoring. It also provide tuning capabilities to adjust and save throttle body position and response, foot pedal positions and response, and well as lift system adjustments. The LDAS/CAN bus is used on all the models and all the years.

LARAS interface, provides you with full diagnostic connection to all of the later model ECU's, such as the ABS system on late model Murcielagos, Gallardos, ZKE system, ILM ECU, Radio and HiFi system, AC and Climate control system, AirBag control and reset, LIE and EGear ECUS. The most important feature is the ability to run the Purge, Prime, and reset the Kiss point on ALL Murciealgo and Gallardo eGear clutches. IT will allow you to recalibrate the eGear system and diagnose eGear related problems. NOT just measure life left on the clutch, but you can RESET it too!

Murcielago 2002 - 2006 Coupe and Roadster

Murcielago 2007 - 2009 LP640 Coupe and Roadster

Murcielago 2008 Revention

Murcielago 2010 LP640

Murcielago 2010 LP670 SV

Gallardo 2004 - 2008 Coupe and Spyder

Gallardo 2009 - 2010 LP560 Coupe

Gallardo 2010 LP550

-Original PANASONIC Laptop & power cord

-LaRA-AS Interface/Multiplexer

-LaRA-AS OBD interface Cable for 2008 and under Gallardos

-LaRA-AS OBD interface Cable for 2009 and UP Gallardos

-LaRA-AS OBD interface Cable for Murcielagos

-USB LDAS-32 Interface and CAN Cable

-ABS/AirBag Interface Module

-Updated LDAS and LaRAs software

-Pre-loaded software