The Maserati Diagnostics System is an electronic device for the diagnostics of electronic control units

(ECU) installed in modern vehicles.

The Maserati diagnostics system is a Panasoinc CF laptop device.It is also equipped with:

· three standard RS232C serial lines;

· six standard ISO9141 / CARB / KEYWORD 2000 serial lines;

· two standard CAN serial lines

· multimeter in volts (up to 200 V d.c.) and Ohm (up to 1 Mohm)

It can be interfaced to a PC containing the software required to update the ECU diagnostics software through

one of the following lines:

· standard RS232C serial line,

· USB serial line

· Ethernet 10/100Mbit network

· Ethernet Wireless 802.11b network

For better efficiency and faster data transfer between the PC and the DEIS unit, we suggest you use the USB

line or an Ethernet/Wireless network for communications.